How much do you charge to repair an iphone?

Get an online quote from our website and whatever price your quote is that is how much your iphone repair will cost you.

Do you offer a warranty after repairing a device?

Yes. We offer 6 months warranty after we have repaired an device.

Do you safe peoples data before fixing the device?

We ask our customers to safe an backup of there data before they give us there device to be repaired. Otherwise if the customer has forgotten to save his data or doesnt know to then our technicians will backup the customers information and hand it over to them. Thereafter they will repair the device.

How does itech team repair service work?

Step 1. Go to the homepage on our website and fill in the search bar. First choose your device. Secondly choose your model. And lastly fill in your postcode and click on search.
Step 2. You will see the nearest local technicians from your postcode. Click on request a repair quote from the location that you desire.
Step 3. Fill in the form and click on send.
Step 4. You will receive an email with the technicians location and details including the time he will come to repair your device. You will also get the price of the repair as well.

Can your technicians unlock phones?

Our technicians can unlock all different types of phones and there respective models.

Can you repair water damaged phones?

We repair water damaged phones but be aware due to water and electric being mixed together. We cannot guarantee that your phone can be fixed, but we will do as much as possible to fix your device according to our capability.

How long do you take to repair a device?

A normal repair will take about 30 to 40 minutes depending on how badly the phone has been damaged.

What types of devices do you repair?

Our technicians can repair iphones, samsungs, tablets, laptops.

Can i see the technician repair my device?

Yes, you can see our technicians fix your device.

What type of parts do you use for repairs?

Our technicians use the best available parts(AAA quality) to fix our customers devices.