What We Do

At i Teach Team we provide you with technicians who can fix your mobile phones,tablets, laptops and other devices.

We Cover all the Uk

We cover all of the UK with regards to our technicians who are signed with us. So where ever you are just get a quote from us and we will assign you the nearest and best technician who can fix your device.

High Quality Service

Our technicians give our customers very good customer service. If you are not happy with service then you can get a refund. We use the best materials and equipment to get your devices fixed as quick as possible.

Quick Recovery

We make sure that the devices that we repair are done in a quick and effective manner. We repair mobile and tablet devices within 1 hour and hand them back to our customers. We are hassle free and we finish our repairs as quickly as possible.

Call Out Service

The call our services is when the technician comes to your home or workplace and fixes your device there. The technician will not go back until your device has been fixed and the customer is satisfied with the job that has been done.

Why Are We The Best?

We repair all kinds of devices. We repair iphones, samsungs phones and other related devices. We repair in an quick and hassle free manner. Our quotes are very cheap and affordable. Our technicians are very helpful, friendly and understanding. We give our customers the best service. There is no need for you to come to us because we come to you. You can get a refund if you are not happy with the service provided.

The Best Solutions

6 Months Warranty

We give 6 months warranty because we repair our customers devices in such a professional way. Our equipment we use is of a very high quality.

customer service

Our customers are happy and pleased with the service and the repairs which they get from us. Our customers can relax and get there devices repaired at the comfort of there homes and workplaces.

Your Data Is Secure

When we repair you devices we make sure that we make a backup before repairing in case your sensitive data is lost.

repairing experience

We have a lot of experience with repairing phones,tablets and other devices. So dont worry we know what we are doing.